Software Development

Software Development Idias develops a complete array of software solutions for all types of clients. Our areas of expertise are:

Web-based and Desktop Application Development
We harness the power of the web platform and the flexibility of the desktop environment to deliver mission-critical solutions that improve how your business works. We follow a consultative approach so that our clients are actively involved in the development process to ensure that our systems meet end-user needs. We use our vast experience in the development of enterprise-wide software systems to deliver systems which are user-friendly, adaptable and employ security techniques based on industry standards and best practices. Some of the application development technologies used are ASP, Java, AJAX, CSS, JSP, PHP, HTML, XHTML, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

Website Design and Development
From conception and strategy to design and implementation, we create premium websites for businesses, associations, government and private companies. We create websites based on your specific requirements by going through your business profile to come up with the unique idea that sells your story – whether a product or service. We incorporate creative graphics that portray the usability and visual of your needs. We use some of the world’s leading Content Management Systems to deliver websites that are interactive, adaptable and customizable

Mobile Applications Development
Idias integrates mobile apps into your strategy, unlocking the efficiencies of your business. We work with different mobile technologies to create the perfect solution tailored to your business needs and deliver content to multiple mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile)

Systems Integration
Idias helps companies leverage on their existing software investments, sharing data from one system to another to produce an end-to-end solution in order to be competitive in their business environments. Our systems integration specialists utilize emerging technologies to integrate your existing systems resulting in turnkey solutions that prolong the value of existing systems. By connecting new solutions with existing ones we transform the complete enterprise architecture into a single, seamless business system

Software Testing, Maintenance and Support
We provide software maintenance services so that systems continuously remain relevant to support business operations. We also continuously maintain our software to keep up-to-date with changes in technology. We carry out various forms of testing at every stage of the systems development process, for example unit testing to ensure that developed software modules work correctly as required, integration testing to ensure that the different software components work together correctly as one unit and maintenance testing whenever software is maintained. We can also be engaged to carry out user acceptance testing (UAT) to test your customized solutions to ascertain that they meet your requirements. We also provide user support for all our solutions and localized end-to-end support for some of the world’s biggest software solutions

User Training
We offer training on all our user-facing applications and also train our clients' IT staff to build their capacity to manage our systems and resolve operational issues. We also provide training services on other off shelf software systems

Java Android ASP.NET PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Apple PHP and MySQL