Data Management

Software Development We are a trusted partner helping businesses manage their critical data. Whether it is migrating your data from one system to another or ensuring that your data is stored securely or digitizing your existing paper-based documents, we have the expertise to deliver solutions that satisfy the data appetite for organizations

Documents Management
Idias deploys document management systems to track, manage and store organization’s documents. Our documents management solutions digitize your documents and keep them in a centralized repository, maximize employee performance, reduce costs, eliminate lost documents, improve customer service and facilitate regulatory compliance

Data Migration
We help companies migrate data (whether electronic or paper-based) from legacy systems to new systems. Most companies have benefitted from this service when they are moving from one system to another, upgrading their systems, conducting server maintenance or relocating their data centers

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
Idias helps businesses prepare for disasters by establishing procedures which an organization can follow to continue the delivery of its products or services at acceptable predefined levels in the event of a disaster. The scope can be limited to IT operations using an IT disaster recovery plan or all business-critical operations by deploying a business continuity plan.